More Effective Treatments and a Cure for JM

Medical advances and improved treatments for any disease require scientific research that builds upon itself year after year to achieve better long-term outcomes for patients.

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The Importance of Juvenile Myositis Research

Cure JM was founded 20 years ago by a small group of volunteers wanting to change the world for children with a rare disease few had ever heard of—juvenile myositis.

At the time, very little was known about JM, what caused it, or how to effectively treat it …

Key Research Outcomes

Multiple clinical trials are in development for more effective treatments with fewer side effects

$23 million invested in research, making Cure JM the largest funder of JM research on the planet

More than $4 million invested in current research projects

Research Funding

Cure JM offers grant funding for clinicians and researchers who are working to improve juvenile myositis care and advance research.

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Two people attending a Juvenile Myositis research event.

Research Achievements

Juvenile myositis research is changing the world for our patients.  Children are doing better than ever, and we are just getting started!

Participate in Research

Help our researchers find the causes, better treatments, and a cure for juvenile myositis by participating in these important studies.

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