Helpful Information for the Newly Diagnosed

You or a family member has just been diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis or juvenile polymyositis, and you feel as if the world has shifted under your feet.

You’re not alone.

Families here at Cure JM have gone through the same emotions you are experiencing now. We are here to help.

Cure JM helps patients and their families navigate life with juvenile myositis.
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Information for Newly Diagnosed Families

Two physicians that take care of JM patients cover the following topics

  • JM basics
  • Common treatments
  • Sun protection
  • Partnering with your medical team
  • Keeping track of medical records
  • Preparing for doctors’ visits
  • Seeking support
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Juvenile Myositis Overview

This video provides an overview of juvenile myositis and what to expect through doctor, patient and family interviews.

Six Best Practices for the Newly Diagnosed

In speaking with JM families, we have identified six, “best practices,” that are absolutely crucial when you, your child, and family are battling Juvenile Myositis.

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